Founded in 2014, Caliber Contracting Services offers a full suite of construction services designed to deliver completed structures and projects through a collaborative, client-focused approach. As a “performance firm,” we specialize in design-build and construction management that utilizes its network of traditional trade expertise, hand-on leadership and cutting-edge technology to maintain direct control over project timelines and budgets.

Caliber Contracting Services recognizes that contracting is a people-based business. Our obligation is not simply to provide services but to assure those services address all the needs of our clients.

Our philosophy is based on teamwork and integration, meshing contractor and owner resources to increase project knowledge, streamline the flow of information, immediately address “pains” or conflicts, and achieve project success through collaboration.

Caliber Contracting Services is a “self-performance” firm. By performing traditional trade work including carpentry, drywall, ceilings, casework, demolition, minor excavation and concrete, we minimize subcontracting and maintain direct control over critical path activities to keep projects on schedule and at a more competitive price.

All team members’ interests are recognized, and industry best practices are consistently used to prioritize those interests and develop solutions that are in the best interests of the project.


Safety is not a goal, it is essential. At Caliber Contracting Services, we recognize that people are our most valuable resource, and stress the importance of a safe and healthy work environment. “Safety first” is engrained in our culture, at all levels of our operation. Our written corporate safety plan drives our processes. Our safety director is an OSHA 500 certified trainer, and safety is prioritized for discussion in our weekly calls with project superintendents.

In response to COVID-19, Caliber Contracting Services has created a detailed safety plan to protect our staff and the public.


“To deliver value by completing projects on budget and on time, working together as a team with our clients.”